Who am I and what am I doing on the internet?


Tim White grew up in an era when people dreamed of one day paying off their mortgage and owning their own homes.He now lives in a time when people dream of one day paying off the interest on their mortgage.

He was born addicted to narrative.

He has worked as an actor, writer and researcher, cleaner, kitchen hand, model, dishwasher, stand-up comedian, stage hand, theatre director, teacher, playwright, librarian, film and TV extra, gardener and private tutor. He has not, nor will ever be, a life coach or lawyer. He is mostly broke.

He did not go to a private school. He listens to: blues, reggae, rock and jazz but not opera.

He has written for stage, radio and film. Some of his stories, reviews and articles have been published.

His favourite films include: Terry Gilliam’s Brazil and (recently) Tidelands; Alex Korda’s The Thief of Baghdad, Hal Ashby’s Being There, the Coen Brother’s Big Lebowski, Raising Arizona, Alex Proyas’ Dark City, Louis Bunuel et al.

He can’t believe that graphic novels and comics are so good and that they now attract top- notch writers – Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, George Pelecanos

In 2010 he participated in his first public art exhibition.

He has recently read screenplays by The Wachowski Brothers and David Simon (The Wire).

He is amazed by contemporary animators.

He is currently listening to: Los Lobos, Ben Harper, Ash Grunwald, Michael Frante, Green Day, Jimmy Cliff, Dexter Gordon, Bob Marley.

He is optimistic about: the outcome of the pro-democracy uprisings in the Middle East.

He plays and writes songs for guitar.

He has directed two short films and six plays.

Favourite foods: pizza and sushi. (When will someone realise that there is a market for raw seafood pizza?)

He believes you are only as good as your last gig.

He is currently reading.


Writing about things that I’m learning and creating and hoping they’re useful and inspiring to other folks. If they are let me know.


About tjwhi1

born 1960 male in a relationship teacher/student
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