Los Lobos- Smokin’ the barrios!

LOS LOBOS at the PRINCE Band Room, 20th April 2011

Los Lobos and Raul Malo and The Mavericks  at The Prince Band Room, St. Kilda Melbourne, Australia. ‘Awesome’ really doesn’t do Los Lobos justice. Probably the best rock band in the world. And in several other musical genres as well!

‘Viking’ from The Sopranos Soundtrack album, 1999, Sony Music


Los Lobos take a variety of north American musical styles, own them and turn them inside out. And they’re not afraid of diving into raw amp-screaming feedback rock or kicking back with soulful bayou ballads and norteño (euorpean folk-influenced music of northern Mexico) dance numbers.

On the rock front Dave Hidalgo and Cesar Rosas and Louie Pérez are all impressive guitarists in their own right not to mention accomplished violin, accordion, percussion players. Steve Berlin’s formidable sax playing and keyboards add another layer to Los Lobos’ sound.

Bassist Conrad Lozano is what I call a ‘busy player’ his bass lines switching between more expressive and complex lines which gave a nuanced sophistication to slower songs and a powerful kick to the down and dirty numbers.

Los Lobos have none of the pomposity of stadium rock acts, the music was by turns tough, tender and seductive as the songs demanded. The Prince Band Room is an ideal venue letting thew audience get up close and personal with the band.

I’m not sure what more you can ask. I’m convinced these guys are the best I’ve seen. I loved seeing them in a pub but from the Youtube footage I’ve watched they can rock stadiums as well.

Support artist Raul Malo was an inspired choice to bring on LL. Malo’s beautiful tenor voice, and Latin-country songs combined timeless songs with a passionate delivery. The interplay between Malo’s vocal and the expressive accordion playing of his sideman were a feature of the night. It was a real treat when Malo joined LL on stage for a couple of songs.

Raul Malo of The Mavericks



See interview with Louie Peréz and Steve Berlin about forty years of Los Lobos :


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