Kicking the Corpse

Osama Bin Laden’s assassination played out with all of the predictable plot twists and macho clichés we’ve come to expect in bad action movies. Right down to to that favourite nasty leering villain shtick where he holds his wife in front of himself as a human shield.

Except, no, that really didn’t happen.

What else did or didn’t happen? Did they really kill the guy? No. We can’t show you his body because we buried it at sea and, no, you can’t see the pictures because they’re kind of gross. Maybe we’ll let you see them later. Maybe not.

The conspiracy theories will come later.

Oh, yes, and I did use the word ‘assassination’.  Hang on!  Aren’t we the good guys? the ones who believe in the rule of law?Doesn’t mean that even the most heinous criminal gets his or her day in court. Eichman and Goerring got theirs. That way we get to find out what was done and perhaps even why. Maybe if people understand the minds behind the crime we’d have a chance of stopping it from happening again, or at least, recognising the symptoms when they show up. Or do we (not forgetting  we are allies of the Great Satan!) just go along with murdering people we don’t like. But isn’t that a little bit like terrorism? I mean sending our people into another country to murder people we don’t like. As Bill Hicks used to say “You’d be a liar and a communist” for even thinking it.

I’m always amazed by how quickly the press rushes to suck up the slop being served by the White House. Don’t they know they should at least chew the shit being dished out before they swallow it? In the very short time since the event was announced how many back-flips have there been? I’m thinking of the whole George Bush ‘mission accomplished’ fiasco. God knows we suspect the CNN news department of beating off under their desks as the corpse is wheeled out for public inspection.  Only – wait a moment – there was no corpse.

Its instructive too how the latest Al Quaida tale is often tagged with the reminder that “Al Quaida are not finished”. It reminds me of the completely manufactured ‘children overboard’ incident here in Australia under the Howard government. It was clear even from the footage being shown on TV that no-one was being thrown off the refugee boats yet Packer and Murdoch’s news recited this piece of clumsy propaganda like it was holy writ.

Even when it was so obviously a lie no-one apologised for lying about it. Just  like the phantasmagorical weapons of mass destruction But then that’s not what its about.

I suspect that, as with Bin Laden’s corpse, what went overboard was the truth. How could the American’s have not have known where Bin Laden was for ten years and then, suddenly, conveniently BINGO! here he is dead, dusted and disposed of. Very neat, very clean, very targeted at the next days media head lines.

The whole thing strikes me as very contrived narrative. In the manner of the action movie there is a suitably malign villain to keep the audience interested. He is pulled out any time the audience’s interest is warning like when a presidential candidate needs to stir up some good ol’ patriotic fervour for the next election to give flag-wavers a reason to vote for him.

After looking at footage of the revelers celebrating the hit on Bin Laden one suspects that all Obama really needed to do to win this demographic was to promise coast-to-coast keg parties and wet t-shirts contests

You can even kill the bad guy. But the rules are clear: there has to be another, even nastier one in waiting. The sequel is what its all about.

In a class I attended yesterday a student suggested that a movie was already in the pipeline with Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker) slated to direct. I hope she doesn’t. She is an exceptional action director and it would be a waste of her talent and ability on such a contrived third-rate story.


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